Why Use a Nanny Agency |

Why Use a Nanny Agency

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Why use a Nanny Agency in NYC


1. What is a Nanny Agency? 

A nanny agency is an employment agency that recruits and places nannies with client families. The agency advertises to get nanny applications. They then process those applications to pick the most qualified candidates for their client families.


2. What does a Nanny Agency do?

The nanny agency staff examine each application resume to see what nanny experience the candidate has and how relevant that experience relates to the agency open job postings. The staff look at the length of each prior position, how old the children were in the nanny’s care and why the position ended. The staff reach out to the selected candidates and question them further on their applications. They look for the names and phone numbers of work references and any written references that may be available. They then reach out to the references and check their veracity. Based upon those conversations they will either exclude the candidate or put them forward to their client families. Once a family decides which candidate they wish to hire, the agency then orders a background check (and DMV if appropriate) on the candidate. Once that report comes back clear, the candidate is cleared to start work.


3. Why do NYC parents use a Nanny Agency?

The main reason parents decide to use an agency is because the agency staff have the experience to know which candidates have genuine experience and which are fake. They can tell the difference between real work references and those from friends and family. The recruitment of a nanny can take anywhere between 40-60 hours depending on the family needs and not every parent has that time. A reputable agency offers a guarantee with each placement and provides a backup support service to client families in case the nanny leaves or the placement fails. This avoids a parent having to take time off work to start interview new candidates themselves again.