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Looking for a great nanny? 

  • Getting poor quality nanny referrals from friends and family?
  • Overwhelmed by the nannies online?
  • Unsure how to check whether a reference is real or fake? We know.
  • Do you need support in case a nanny doesn’t work out? We guarantee.

How we help…

  • We ask that you call us today at 212-641-0002 
  • We select a small number of pre-screened nannies for you to speak to.
  • We send you their resumes and put them in touch for a telephone interview.
  • We repeat the previous steps until you find the candidate of your choice.
  • We then complete all the reference and extensive background checks.
  • Once all the checks come back clean, you have a new nanny!

Call us today at 212-641-0002

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