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NannyCity 2021 Guide for Parents

Guide for Parents

OK, Moms and Dads,

Let’s Get

Your FREE Nanny Search



Follow our special Guide for Parents. There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. CALL US NOW at 212-641-0002 or 212-IRE-LAND; or
  2. Email us directly at and tell us what you need; or
  3.  Complete the form below.



Based upon your job description above Guide for Parents:

  • We select a small number of pre-screened nannies for you to speak to.
  • We send you their resumes and put them in touch for a telephone interview.
  • We repeat the previous steps until you find the candidate of your choice.
  • We then complete all the reference and extensive background checks.
  • Once all the checks come back clean, you have a new nanny!


Important Guide for Parents on Checking Nanny References


What Questions I should ask a Nanny Candidate?


Tips on How the Find the Best Nanny


Call us today at 212-641-0002 for Guide for Parents