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NannyCity is one of the most trusted providers of nanny services in New York and Connecticut. Our nanny search agency has been around since 1990, helping countless families across BrooklynManhattanConnecticut and Greenwich find professional nannies to meet all their childcare needs. Our team will make quick work of finding your dream candidate, no matter whether you're searching for a full-time nanny to supervise school-age children or a newborn care specialist. We carefully vet and screen all of our candidates, bringing you unbeatable nanny services to fit your families' requirements. Looking for the most reliable nanny services around? NannyCity is here to help. 

Benefits of Using Our Professional Nanny Services

Complete Peace of Mind

Ensure your child is cared for by a qualified nanny you can trust. Our nanny search agency carries out extensive background checks on all candidates, making it easier than ever to find reliable nanny services. 

Find Local Nanny Services Today

Our nanny service agency means you can find first-rate candidates in your area. Looking for nanny services in New York City? Our network includes qualified nanny candidates based throughout NYC and beyond. 

Streamline Your Nanny Search

Looking to fill a vacancy fast? We're one of the best nanny search websites around. Our nanny search services make it easy to find an experienced childcare provider who can cater to complex childcare requirements. 

Accessible Professional Nanny Services 

Not sure what kind of child nanny services your family requires? Our team will help you decide what nanny services your family needs and help you create a job description to find the best candidates. 

A Flexible Approach to Childcare 

Unlike more restrictive nanny services, NannyCity allows you to find a more suitable candidate if your existing choice isn't working out. Our 90-day nanny services guarantee means nothing is stopping you from finding the perfect fit. 

Long Term Childcare Arrangements

When you use our New York nanny service, you can expect to retain your chosen candidate for longer. The NannyCity screening process makes it far more likely your first choice will be the best one. 

What Duties Will A Nanny Perform? 

NannyCity understands that the childcare requirements of each family are different. That's why we'll work with you to find an experienced candidate that ticks every box. The typical duties of a full-time nanny involve more than simply supervising children. A good nanny needs to work seamlessly alongside parents, providing a caring and stimulating environment that youngsters can thrive in. In addition to basic childcare, most full-time nannies will also deal with light housekeeping tasks, laundry, and meal preparation. They can also supervise school runs, arrange activities, and organize playdates. If you've recently welcomed a new addition to your household, a nanny with a background in newborn care will prove an invaluable addition. If you require childcare support on vacations, NannyCity can also help you find nannies prepared to travel alongside you and your family. 

Typical Nanny Schedules

Full-time nannies can adapt to meet the needs of your family. However, most nannies tend to work 40-60 hours per week. If your schedule changes from week to week, a full-time nanny should be flexible enough to accommodate your changing requirements. If you require more comprehensive nanny services to provide around-the-clock care, we can help you find multiple nannies to ensure your family is constantly supported. 

Why Families Choose NannyCity 

If it's your first time hiring a nanny to work with your family, finding the right person can prove difficult. Many parents are wary about leaving their children in the care of a stranger for the first time, especially if youngsters have complex needs that need to be considered. If you're dealing with time-consuming work commitments and an ever-changing schedule, determining when you'll need the help of an experienced nanny can prove difficult. If you're struggling to find reliable childcare for your family, NannyCity can help. 
Our team will help you identify what nanny services your family requires. Once we've established what kind of criteria your chosen candidate needs to fulfill, we'll search through our vast network of nannies and identify the most suitable options. Our New York nanny agency brings together families and childcare professionals throughout NYC and further afield. Looking for childcare in neighboring cities and states? Our Connecticut nanny agency will help you fill your nanny vacancy in no time at all. Looking for nanny services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Greenwich CT? Start your search today. 

Rates of Pay and Other Costs 

Most nannies in NYC will expect to earn $20-25 per hour. However, if you're looking for a nanny service in Brooklyn, you may find candidates expecting slightly less. In addition to basic fees, you'll also need to consider things like bonus payments and overtime rates. Many full-time nannies will expect an annual bonus. Generally speaking, this will be 1-2 weeks' salary. 
If you're looking for a long-term childcare arrangement, you will also need to think about annual pay raises. If you're looking to appoint a nanny in NYC or another metropolitan area, you may also be expected to cover daily travel costs. When appointing a full-time nanny, you are also bound by employment obligations. Any nanny who is expected to work beyond 40 hours per week will be entitled to overtime at a time and a half rate. You will also be expected to cover a share of social security and Medicare taxes. 
Although the costs of employing a nanny can stack up, the benefits they can bring to your family are considerable. When you hire a childcare professional through NannyCity, you're covered by our 90-day guarantee. Our flexible approach means you won't be bound by long-term contracts. If you're not happy with your current nanny, our team will go the extra mile to help you find a more suitable individual to work alongside your family. 

Why Families Choose NannyCity for Hiring a Newborn Care Specialist 

The process of hiring a new nanny can prove difficult at the best of times. However, if you're looking to employ a nanny to take care of a newborn, the process is even more nerve-wracking. First-time parents often feel overwhelmed in dealing with the complex demands of newborns, which is why utilizing the services of a professional specializing in newborn care makes complete sense. 
NannyCity is here to help new parents cater to the most demanding childcare requirements. Our experienced team can help you find nanny services tailored to the needs of you and your family. With an industry-leading reputation and extensive network of newborn nannies at your disposal, we're here to guide you through every step of the hiring process. No matter whether you're searching for nanny services in Connecticut or looking to hire via our New York nanny agency, you can be confident that candidates have passed the most rigorous background, driving, and reference checks. Eager to fill a newborn nanny vacancy? Get in touch with our friendly team today. 

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Nanny Services FAQs

How Do I Create A First-Rate Job Description?

If it's your first time using our New York or Greenwich nanny service, you may find putting together a job description difficult. Our team can help you pinpoint the exact nanny services your family requires, making it easy to draft a job description that will you pair up with the best possible candidates. 

What Questions Should I Ask A Nanny Candidate During A Phone Interview?

Carrying out a phone interview with prospective nannies is when you can make your first impressions. Therefore, you'll need to be asking the right questions to increase your odds of landing the best nanny for your family. When using our Greenwich nanny service, don't be afraid to ask personal questions when talking to candidates. Asking about family backgrounds, passions, and interests will give you a clearer picture of the person you're considering inviting into your home. Looking to hire someone through our New York nanny service? It's worth asking potential nannies whether they expect travel costs and other incidental costs to be reimbursed. 

What Areas Do We Offer Nanny Services?

NannyCity is the only way to go if you're looking for the best nanny service New York has to offer. Our huge nanny network includes professionals based throughout NYC. Looking for a first-rate Brooklyn nanny agency? We provide families based in Long Island with plenty of options. Need someone who can work in the heart of the city? Our Manhattan nanny agency has many candidates ready and waiting to be placed with your family? Looking for Greenwich nanny services? Make our Greenwich CT nanny agency your first port of call when hiring childcare professionals. 

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A pleasure to work with!

I have been using this nanny agency since 1999 and am so grateful for the fabulous
nannies they have provided. Michael and Berniece are a pleasure to work with.

Nanny Services New York testimonial

Melissa R. MD


Fabulous Service!

Fabulous service, great follow up, and importantly a very good selection of quality nannies.
They listen to their clients and work hard to provide candidates that meet their needs. By far, the
best nanny agency we have worked with!

Nanny Services NYC testimonial

Kerry D


Great Pre-Screening

For more than 20 years I worked with Berniece and Michael at NannyCity (AKA Irish Nanny
Agency NYC). All the people I interviewed over the years were fabulous and they did a great
job pre screening based on my particular needs and situation. References were always
thoroughly vetted.

Nanny Services NYC testimonial

Jennifer N


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