Families (and agencies) will judge you primarily on your resume, references and how you conduct yourself during the application process.

We have covered the other topics already so now we discuss resumes.

What are families looking for in a resume?

They want to see the following:

  • 1
    Personal information:  (where are you from, where do you live, etc). You should always limit the amount of personal information you put on a resume. You should include your full name, if you have a 2nd name, put it like Martina "Carmen" O Brien, city/state (eg Queens, NY) - NEVER put street address and apt #, telephone number and email address. You should also include a profile photo – this personalizes the resume and families respond well to this. At the end list any hobbies and/or pet info or interests of yours.
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    Nanny Work Experience: You should list each position where you have worked and include the following information - family last name, city/state where they live, number and ages of kids when you finished, month/year you started working and month/year you finished and finally why that position ended.
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    Childcare Education:  (infant and toddler development, nutrition, etc etc)

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