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manhattan nanny agency

manhattan nanny agency

Let my family take care of your family.

Find the best nannies here.

“Berniece, you have no idea what it means for Jim and me to be able to go to work every morning and rest easy knowing that our children are well taken care of by someone who is caring, loving and utterly responsible. Robin has become such an integral part of our childcare team! Thank you for that gift. We recommend your nanny agency to all our friends”.  Caitlin O. Parent. NYC.

If you’re a busy mom returning to work soon ​you have to get your nanny choice right the first time!!

Let us help you get back to work with confidence.

We have many fabulous pre-screened nannies available.

(We spend 100s of woman hours every week, picking out the very best candidates for you.)

We offer unparalleled support to all our families after each placement.

(We are always available 24/7 for the families and nannies we work with)

We are the only NYC nanny agency with a free full 12-month guarantee.

(No questions asked guarantee)

This is why families choose us.
Our GOAL is to make your home life run as smoothly as possible.
That’s what we have been doing safely and successfully for over 30 years.


Here are a few of the many notes received from our families over the years

Found the most amazing nanny who is smart, highly qualified and in every way part of our family! Very personal assistance from the nanny agency!

Allison B.(UES)

Michael and Berniece were equal parts professional, thorough and immediately insightful. They had a great sense of who would work well with us almost immediately. They matched us with Carol, who has been a wonderful fit for our family and, most importantly, for our six-month-old baby girl

Sarah & Amanda. (Brooklyn)

I have been using this nanny agency since 1999, and am so grateful for the wonderful babysitters they have provided. Michael and Berniece are a pleasure to work with

! Melissa R.(Downtown)

Fabulous service, great follow up, and importantly a very good selection of quality nannies. They listen to their clients and work hard to provide candidates that meet their needs. By far, the best nanny agency we have worked with!

Kerry D. (UWS)

For more than 20 years I worked with Berniece and Michael at NannyCity (AKA Irish Nanny Agency in NYC) to secure full-time childcare for my 4 children in Manhattan. All the people I interviewed over the years were fabulous and Michael and Berniece did a great job pre-screening based on my particular needs and situation – they invested a lot of time to make sure there was a good match. References were always thoroughly vetted. All of my caregivers stayed with us for extended periods – in one case for more than 10 years

Jennifer N. (CPW)