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How to hire the best nanny

Hire Best Nanny from Babysitting Agency NYC

  • Decide what you want – sit down with your partner/spouse and get a clear idea of what you are looking for – write down what duties you want performed, what the nanny’s daily schedule will be like, how much childcare, housekeeping, errands you need performed, what times you want them to start and finish and finally what salary you intend offering them for those duties. The more time spent on this stage the fewer headaches you will encounter in the rest of the process.
  • Choose how you intend to recruit – the choice is normally an established nanny agency (normally fees range between 12-15% of annual salary), online nanny/babysitting services, ads online, mommy chat rooms, notice boards and friends recommendations.  If you’re doing it yourself, plan on spending at least 40 – 50 hours from beginning to Babysitting Agency’s first day at work
  • Babysitting Agency Candidate Screening – if you are doing this yourself you have to set up a process by which you receive applications – either by email or voice mail. Make sure that each candidate matches your minimum requirements – they are available for the hours needed, they are within a reasonable commuting distance (less than 1 hour), they have the necessary experience (especially caring for kids your kids’ ages) and their salary expectations are in line with what you are offering. You’ll find quite a few excluded in this part of the process.
  • Telephone Interviews – Ok, you’ve short-listed the candidates to probably less than 10 hopefully. Conduct these interviews at your convenience so that you can properly discuss your job requirements and see whether it matches the candidate’s experience. If you don’t have a resume by this point you need to get a brief job history on the telephone with contact numbers for at least one reference. Try to get a ‘feel’ for her personality on the phone – is she upbeat, matter-of-fact, evasive on dates of previous jobs, having difficulty with getting reference numbers. Make sure you pick up on any nuance in the conversation –conduct these telephone interviews in a quiet area of house/office. Call one reference for each Babysitting Agency candidate that you decide you want to meet in person.
  • Babysitting Agency Reference Checks – this is where most parents get fooled so do this very carefully and systematically. Don’t just call references – interview them. If you’re doing this on your own you are relying solely on this telephone conversation with a total stranger to vouch for this girl’s experience. Find out how they hired her in the beginning, what her daily duties were (do they match what you want?), did she have any emergencies, what was her judgment like, does she still stay in touch with the kids, why did she leave, would she hire her again if the need arose and she was available. Spend as much time as possible on these calls – probe, probe, and probe. Do not just accept a cell phone number for a reference. Get a home telephone number, work telephone number, home address and work address. You need to get a good picture of what that working environment looked like and whether it’s similar to one you have.
  • In Person Interviews – There are 2 trains of thought here – some feel you should conduct an initial in-person interview at Babysitting Agency in a neutral place like Starbucks or your office and other feel like it doesn’t matter. I always prefer to see how a candidate conducts herself in the home and how comfortable she seems there even interacting with the kids. I also feel that it can be better to have your spouse around because he/she will always pick up on stuff you mightn’t catch because you’re too focused on asking all the questions. Firstly, did she arrive on time and was appropriately dressed?  You should have asked the candidate to bring along a photo ID and a copy of any references and/or resume she may have. The photo ID must be original. Make a copy if you’ve got a scanner/copier and keep the other docs you get. The number of people using other peoples ID in this business in incredible. Discuss each job she has worked in getting specific dates, ages of children, specific duties carried out, reasons for leaving etc. – one of you should take very careful notes here. This is all part of the screening process. Get a picture of the different parenting styles of previous employers and whether it matches your intended style, in relation to discipline, reading, naps and feeding. You should be using these notes to verify the info against the other references you intend to check. Personal chemistry is what you’re looking for once it’s established that the candidate has all the necessary qualifications and/or experience. How she responds to questions and interacts with Mom and the kids is what puts some candidates over the top. These interviews normally last about an hour if she is someone you are interested in. I’ll cover the in-person interview questions in more depth in another post in our Babysitting Agency blog.
  • Babysitting Agency References Checks – This is a check of all other references not already touched – use the same instructions as above. Probe, probe and probe.
  • Try-Out Interview of Babysitting Agency – at this point you have normally decided that it’s between two candidates. Some Moms like to bring the two girls back for a working style (paid) interview for either a few hours or a whole day. Because she’s a total stranger to your kid(s) it’s important that she doesn’t try to force interaction that day. Its better just to ask her to go with the flow and just observe from a distance. This can be a nightmare for nannies because it takes a while for the nanny to bond with any child. This can be a useful exercise to see how the nanny and YOU interact.
  • Babysitting Agency Offer – at this point you have decided who you prefer and decide to make her an offer.  You have to specify duties, hours, salary, benefits, vacation, holidays, overtime and personal days. It is advised that you create a written agreement that both parents and nanny sign and date. I will try to have a sample nanny agreement available on this site soon. The offer should be subject to a successful background check. Ask candidate for written permission to conduct check.
  • Babysitting Agency Background Check – there are several firms that specialize in this – they will provide details later.
  • Nanny is Hired – Congratulations!
Michael Dinneen