6 tips to help you get a job

Preparation is by far the most important part of the job application process. This is where 95% of job applicants make their mistakes and disqualify themselves before they start. Here is what you need to get started:

  • 1
    Email address: Your email address HAS to have your name on it – this is vital. Don't have an address like sexyeyes2020@yahoo,.com and do NOT get someone else to email your info to the family. Don’t confuse an employer with different names.
  • 2
    Telephone: Make sure that YOUR name or your partner’s name is on the telephone when you're calling a family. Do not confuse them or make them suspicious calling with someone else's phone.
  • 3
    Online profiles: When creating profiles online, complete everything they ask, EVERYTHING. Make sure your contact info is readily available. Leave nothing blank.
  • 4
    Profile photo: This is vital when applying anywhere now. Make sure it is your BEST pic. Make sure you are smiling. We all judge others on facial expressions, so SMILE:)) Do NOT have kids in the pic. Profiles without pics are usually ignored.
  • 5
    Resume: All successful candidates have resumes now. They are a deal-breaker. I'm going to cover resumes in a separate section because it's so important.
  • 6
    References: I can't stress how important these are. Written references are like gold in the application process. Even if you don’t have them written, make sure you have phone numbers! Not being able to reach references is one of the biggest reason for losing a job opportunity!!

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