Keep all correspondence as brief as possible – NO ESSAYS. Your goal here is to get a response. You should be able to summarize yourself in two/three lines max. Always address people by name. Ask for an email to send your resume. So it should read like this:

Hi, Anne,

                My name is xxxx. I have 6 years childcare experience, with excellent references and would love to speak to you more about your vacancy. Do you have an email where I can send my resume? Please call me anytime at 212-555-5555.

Thanks. XXXX

Make it easy for them to reach you

If you have given out your number to an employer, make sure you are listening out for a call or if they message you back, make sure you are monitoring your emails regularly. Make sure your voicemail is set up.

Do NOT make or take calls in the street, beside a loud TV or crying baby. Go into a quiet area. If you're somewhere you can't talk, message back to say you will call back later.

If you are given an email to send your resume, go and send that with any written references, again with a one or two liner, expressing your interest in discussing the vacancy further, adding if she would like to speak to references you could give them those numbers. Tell them again you are available anytime to speak at 212-555-5555. The goal here is to get to speak on the phone.

Make sure your email address and phone number is on everything you send out.

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