12 interview tips

  • 1
    Google Map the address of the interview and get directions and time to the location.
  • 2
    Do a "dummy run" the day before if you have time so you know exactly where it is.
  • 3
    Arrive 15-30 minutes early (you can always hang out) - never, ever be late.
  • 4
    Dress smart casual – top and jeans, so if you had to you could play with kids.
  • 5
    Do not over-use any scent.
  • 6
    Bring a copy of your resume, any references and a photo ID.
  • 7
    Always ask to wash your hands before touching any of the kids.
  • 8
     Do NOT try to force any interaction with the kids – let them come to you.
  • 9
     Do NOT discuss salary unless the family ask you first.
  • 10
     Ask again about the kids and their schedules and any special interests.
  • 11
     Ask whether they would like to look over or call the references.
  • 12
     Ask if they would like to do a day's trial.

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