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Best Nannies with Great Families

NannyCity is a full service nanny agency that has been family-owned and operated  for almost 30 years. With offices in NYC and Greenwich, we place nannies in NYC, Westchester and Fairfield county areas. We were previously known as the "Irish Agency" or "Irish Nanny Agency" for two reasons - we primarily placed both Irish and British nannies, and, secondly, we're Irish. Now, we place nannies from all over the world.

Hello, we are the Dinneen family.

If you are a family looking for a new nanny or a nanny looking for a new position you have come to the right place.

NannyCity takes applications from nannies and families 24 hours a day. Having been in business so long we get many repeat families and nannies who we have helped in the past and who now need us again. The greatest source of new clients and nannies is referrals from previous clients. We also recruit candidates online and screen them thoroughly to see if they meet our requirements.

Parents, do you struggle with these challenges?

Most of the parents that reach out to us every day have similar prior experiences when searching for a nanny. They call us frustrated with their own search both online and through friends and family and ask for our help. After all, doing this for 30 years, we must be doing something right!

  • The quality of the referrals from friends and family is not quite to your standard. Not sure you want your personal business shared with family and friends, anyway.
  • You're overwhelmed by the candidates online and haven't the time to 'wade' through the emails at the end of your already crazy busy day
  • You have no idea how to check whether a reference is real or fake. We do. It sounded ok but it could have been anyone..You would be amazed at what we find daily.
  • You've just given birth, are tired and exhausted and really unsure about having a parade of strangers coming to your home to interview and meet your baby.
  • You need support in case your nanny doesn't work out. We guarantee every placement. You can't afford to take time off work to start interviewing again.

What we do for you...

  • We discuss your requirements in detail and ask that you complete our online family application form - link below.
  • We select a small number of pre-screened nannies for you to speak to.
  • We send you their resumes and put them in touch for a telephone interview.
  • Once you conduct your telephone interview, you can then decide who you want to see in person.
  • We repeat the previous steps until you find the candidate of your choice.
  • When you have made the candidate an offer and she accepts, we complete all the reference checks and initiate a full background check.
  • Once all the checks come back clean, you have a new nanny!
  • Call us at 212-473-5263 or (212) IRE-LAND or just click on the button below or to get started on your nanny search.

Nannies, are you frustrated in your job search?

Nannies reach out to us every day looking for work. Finding the next great family to work for is a very frustrating process.  We know how to prepare you best for your application and interview. After all, we have been doing this for 30 years

  • You answer hundreds of ads online every week with very little response
  • Many are at minimum wage. Our salaries range from $800 to over $2000 per week.
  • People call all your references and you never hear from them again.
  • Everyone wants a resume now and you don't have one. We help you with this.

Here's what you need to do...

  • Click on the Get Started button below.
  • Complete our online application form.
  • We send that information to our families
  • We prepare you and your paperwork for your interview
  • If they make you an offer and you accept, we complete our paperwork.
  • Once all the checks come back clean, you have a new job! Congrats!
  • Just click on the button below to get to GET STARTED...

Real Testimonials From Families ...

We guard the privacy of our families and nannies very carefully. We deal with people's personal lives every day. As a result, we do not include real pics of clients or nannies below and only identify them by first name. We are happy to put any prospective family in touch with families we've worked with over the years, in case they need a reference.

For more than 20 years I worked with Berniece and Michael  at NannyCity (AKA Irish Agency) to secure fulltime childcare for my 4 children in Manhattan.  All the people I interviewed over the years were fabulous and Michael and Berniece did a great job pre screening based on my particular needs and situation – they invested a lot of time to make sure there was a good match.  References were always thoroughly vetted.  All of my care givers stayed with us for extended periods – in one case for more than 10 years.

Jennifer N. (C-level Executive)

“Fabulous service, great follow up, and importantly a very good selection of quality nannies. They listen to their clients and work hard to provide candidates that meet their needs. By far, the best agency we have worked with!”

Kerry D.

I have been using this agency since 1999, and am so grateful for the wonderful babysitters they have provided.  Michael and Berniece are a pleasure to work with!

Melissa R.

“Michael and Berniece were equal parts professional, thorough and immediately insightful.  They had a great sense of who would work well with us almost immediately.  They matched us with Carol, who has been a wonderful fit for our family and, most importantly, for our six month old baby girl.”

Sarah & Amanda

“Found the most amazing nanny who is smart, highly qualified and in every way part of our family! Very personal assistance from the agency!”

Allison B.